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Hi, I am Dr. Andy Williams, author of the free ezSEONews Internet Marketing Newsletter, and I created this “Insider” membership site to help teach a select group of people the way I now build affiliate/adsense sites in the Post-Panda, post-Penguin era.  The original idea of the membership site was to document (in an over-the-shoulder way) everything that a webmaster needs to do to get a site built, ranked and making income.  I also wanted to cover all other aspects of internet marketing, so those in my community would become true Internet Marketing experts.

What is this “Course” about?

There will be an emphasis on one thing – QUALITY.  Quality in EVERYTHING we do.  Yes, quality takes longer, but it lasts longer as well Winking smile.

If you are looking for the latest loopholes or automated blogging software, this really isn’t of interest to you.  I want to show my members how to create a long-term business where they are not looking over their shoulders at the latest Google update.

I would love to show you a mind map of everything I intend to cover, but I don’t want to give away too many secrets at this point. Here is a zoomed out image of the mind map:


What I am happy to show you is a collapsed copy of this mindmap so you can see the main areas that I’ll be covering:


Incidentally, that item in the mind map labeled “Extra Courses” are not something you pay extra for.  They are “side projects” that look at other ways of building sites and generating income online.

As I mentioned earlier, the main emphasis of the course will be on QUALITY and that includes QUALITY backlinking.  With Google Penguin in particular, quality backlinking strategies are a must.

I should also point out that while these areas all seem like separate “modules” in the mind map, this is not the case in reality. e.g. Backlinking is one of the most important areas in this course, but it is not a standalone “module” since back link considerations begin during the site setup phrase, as well as continuously throughout every other area of the course. Also, while Outsourcing seems to be another separate module, it is something that we can use at any time in our projects for a whole host of different purposes.

Where possible I’ll show you different ways of doing the same thing – a free way, and a quicker or paid route.

With Google Slaps, is it still worth building affiliate sites?

I’m sure you’ve heard that Google hates affiliate sites and that they’ll just penalize you, so what’s the point.

I’m here to tell you that this is simply not true.

Google DO NOT hate affiliate sites.  What they hate is “Web Spam”.   It just so happens that most affiliate marketers build sites that are basically Web Spam, so of course a large number of affiliate sites got hit.  The truth is, most people are not very objective about their own websites and think that their sites are whiter than white, and high quality.  I’ve had a number of sites sent to me for evaluation where the webmaster believed they were unfairly penalized.  EVERY one of these site were low quality and/or violated Google’s guidelines.  Every one!

A few years ago, Google used to use a particular website as an example of a good Affiliate / Adsense site.  That site then got hit by Panda or Penguin and lost a lot of its traffic.  A lot of people jumped on that bandwagon stating that if Google penalized this high quality site, it must hate affiliates.  The truth is, that site is NOT high quality, and I have released a video to my members showing why it was probably hit.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that I agree with everything Google have done, and I am certainly not a loyal supporter of Google.  However, I do make my living from the traffic they send me, so I try to stay within their guidelines to keep my own sites safe.   Have any of my sites been hit?  Sure..  But in every case I know why.

Want to hear some shocking news?

The authority site I am building in this course got Penalized…


The first occasion was my fault (after Google stopped being so lenient with on-page SEO), and the second occasion it was off-page factors (that were nothing to do with me) that caused the problem.

I started to build the site after the first release of Panda, and everything was going really well.  However, with Panda & Penguin, the goal posts changed.  SEO tactics that had previously worked, started getting webmasters into trouble.  One day I woke up and found my numerous top 10 rankings were all gone.  Rather than panic, or go to a forum to complain about my white hat site being penalized, I took a step back and analyzed my site based on the new information I had about how Google’s new ranking factors were working.  I found a number of key areas on my site where my site violated Google’s guidelines and fixed them.  Within a week, the penalty was lifted and my site started to regain it’s lost rankings.  That penalty was simply because I had been a little too complacent with on-page factors.  The crash and the recovery are both documented inside the course.  Note, after this, I changed the relevant tutorials in the course so that my members would not make the same mistakes.  The fact was, Google wanted all websites to be cleaned up, and were pushing out harsh penalties for what many consider to be minor crimes.

As my site gathered pace, rankings recovered and traffic was building.  Then, disaster struck again.  My rankings were once again gone.

Once again I did my checks, and found that someone had (intentionally or otherwise) pointed a bunch of really bad links at my site.  The clean up was a little more complicated this time, since that webmaster refused to answer my emails.  However, I did clean it up (again documented in the course), and rankings recovered two weeks later.

So, two penalties, two recoveries.

With a live course like this, disaster can happen, and it has, twice.  Where my members benefited was in seeing how an SEO fixed the problems and recovered the rankings.

With any Google penalty, there is a chance it is unwarranted (the term “collateral damage” is often used).  I just haven’t seen an example yet.  I am one of the most white hat webmasters I know, but as you can see, even my sites can get penalized.  The way you deal with these setbacks will determine how successful you will become, and learning how to create sites that avoid these penalties is one of the main purposes of this course.

One of the questions I get a lot is how many months will this course last.

The answer to this is not an easy one to answer, you see I envisage the course to be “fluid”.  There will always be something new going on as long as I am running the course.  I have plans for a lot of experiments and side projects which will hopefully show you different ways of building websites or using social media and Web 2.0 for additional income sources.  Members also have access to the members forum, and stuff that is discussed on there may well spawn new branches of tutorials.

If you just want to join for a few months to learn how to build a site and do safe, quality backlinking, then you can do that and just unsubscribe when you feel you have enough information.

I know from my last course, that a lot of people wanted continued, ongoing training once the “course” was over. That is what I intend to do here.

Those that want to stay subscribed will benefit from seeing a lot of really cool stuff. In that respect, this “Insiders Group” has no definite end point – you just unsubscribe when you feel you have what you need. When you login for the first time after joining, you’ll arrive on the “Welcome Back” page. There is a link at the bottom of that page with a big Unsubscribe button that takes you directly into Paypal to unsubscribe – so it won’t be difficult to cancel if you want to.

Course Pricing

The course costs $47 a month.  Inside the members area there is a huge amount of information which will overwhelm new members.  My current members received this content over the period of a year, so imagine how you would feel logging into all of that.  Because of this, for the first 4 months, the content is drip fed with between 15-20 new tutorials per month (that’s around 4 a week to get through).  After your 5th payment, the whole course is opened up and made available to you.  You can then continue subscribing for as long as you want at the same monthly rate.  It’s easy to unsubscribe when you decide to – there is a link on the main course pages that take you to the unsubscribe page.

Is there a Fast Track?

I know there are people that will want to go at a much faster pace than 20 tutorials a month.  For those people I have setup a “fast track” payment.  At any time during your subscription, you can pay a one-time fee of $167 to open up all of the tutorials, modules and side projects.  This does not replace your monthly subscription, but is in addition to it, as you continue to pay your monthly subscription until you decide to unsubscribe from the course.  This is actually a real bargain when you consider that current members have paid a year of subscriptions (as of September 2012) for the materials inside this membership.

andy100% No-Questions Asked Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course in any way, shape or form, ask for a refund within 15 days of your initial subscription date. I will happily refund your money and cancel your subscription for you – absolutely no questions asked.

Subscribe today for $47 a month

By Subscribing you are agreeing to the purchase agreement for this course.


Want a 7 day $1 Trial?

This is a special offer to allow you a sneak peak of the membership site.  The trial costs $1 for 7 days access, after which you will be moved onto the full subscription rate of $47 a month. You can cancel at any time during the 7 day trial and you will not be billed again.

With the trial, you get access to the first 5 tutorials in the course, and full access to the members forum.  You can cancel at any time if you decide you do not want to continue your membership.  There is a clean unsubscribe link inside the members area.

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NOTE: I do cap the membership so I can concentrate on my existing members, so if the doors are closed, please sign up on the notification list at the end of this page. I’ll then send out a notification when there are some free spaces. People on that list can join on a strictly first come, first served basis.



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